Pre Roll Boxes – An Ideal Partner for Your Custom Pre Roll Packaging Needs

Pre-roll boxes are designed exclusively for pre-roll blunts and joints. Ever since the invention of pre-roll joints in the late 1800s, they have gained popularity for keeping pre-rolls humidity-free and fresh.

As a result, pre-roll packaging gained a lot of traction, and companies started competing to produce the most delicate pre-rolls. Every countertop in dispensaries has pre-roll joint boxes that keep your cannabis packaging safe and fresh.

Custom pre-roll boxes are an excellent choice for maintaining the quality of cannabis products. Moreover, branded pre-roll joint boxes preserve the quality of marijuana products and give an appealing look to attract your customers.

Pre-roll joint boxes are a great way to keep products safe and, at the same time, brand your business. Using quality pre-roll packaging material and printing will ensure your custom pre-rolled joints are attractive and practical for customers.

What is a Pre-roll Box?

Pre-roll joints and blunts are widely utilized worldwide, and the one-of-a-kind pre-roll boxes are developed specifically for them.

A pre-roll box is a box made of paper used to hold pre-roll joints/cones/blunts, usually typically holding 1,3,5 varying. The pre-roll boxes are designed to keep your marijuana goods as free of humidity as possible. These pre-roll boxes also allow you to introduce a new customer to your brand’s heritage.

Consumers are entirely persuaded by modern custom pre-roll boxes, which are among the most significant purchasing possibilities. They not only cover pre-rolls, but they also promote your company.

Benefits of Custom Pre-Roll Packaging Boxes

Pre-rolled boxes are becoming the most popular method in cannabis business packaging.

What’s the reason for this?

Custom pre-roll packaging increases brand visibility while driving sales. The use of unique pre-roll joints for a business can be economically beneficial. Custom marijuana packaging can help ensure the long-term effectiveness of your products. The following are some benefits of Pre-roll packaging:

Pre-Roll Boxes are Eco-Friendly

The sustainability of pre-roll packaging materials is one of the most pressing issues today. Ensuring that the custom preroll joint box material is created from sustainable resources and is recyclable becomes critical to saving the environment. And thus, meeting customer requests while staying current with market trends.

Cardboard is a popular pre-roll box material that may be utilized to make high-quality marijuana packaging with features such as several compartments.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective and environmentally responsible way to get custom pre-roll packaging for your business, cardboard is a great option.

Pre-Roll Boxes are Excellent for Branding

Branding is essential when it comes to pre-rolls. The pre-roll joints box offers customization to assist businesses in advertising their brands and proudly displaying their trademarks.

Every company now has the opportunity to brand cannabis packaging with its logo and stand out from the crowd.

They can also have custom packaging with offset printing of the relevant information and the brand motto. Businesses can enhance revenue and brand recognition by using custom pre-roll branding.

Pre-Roll Boxes are Convenient

Due to their convenience, pre-rolls are among the most popular items sold in dispensaries. Many smokers are unfamiliar with the art of rolling, and tourists may not have their rolling supplies with them.

Grinding the flowers and then rolling them into cones takes a long time, and most people lack the patience to do so.

In any event, pre-rolled joint packaging can provide you with high-quality cannabis without the hassle.

Pre-Roll Boxes are Shipment Friendly

Nowadays, customers prefer their pre-roll joint box delivered to their doorstep. The primary reason is that shipment is becoming more common as more firms shop online. They require unique hemp pre-roll packaging that is acceptable for transportation for this purpose.

Special pre-roll packaging protects the shape of the pre-roll cones during transportation and ensures the quality of the goods. These pre-roll boxes meet packaging requirements and provide customer satisfaction.

Production Process of Wholesale Pre-Roll Boxes

Pre-roll packaging production process goes through four stages. We make sure that all the industry standards are maintained for packaging needs. Here are the stages of production of pre-roll joint packaging:

Choosing Material for Pre-roll Joints Packaging

We provide a wide range of materials for your pre-roll joints packaging, so you may pick one that best suits your demands.

All materials we use are highly durable and ensure that your products are kept in the best possible condition. Here are three significant types of packaging materials:

Corrugated stock is a highly thick material made of flutes and liner boards. These crates are ideal for long-distance transport.

Cardboard is a robust material that is very light in weight, making it ideal for protecting your merchandise. These boxes are inexpensive and provide an attractive presentation for your pre-roll joints.

Kraft is a long-lasting, environmentally beneficial substance. These boxes are ideal for companies that wish to demonstrate to their clients that they are a responsible company to enhance sales.

Selecting Pre-Roll Box Style

The type of box, like the material, is determined by the needs of your goods.

It wouldn’t be inaccurate to say that every inch of your bespoke customized pre-roll joints box is determined by the product requirements, as these boxes are built from the ground up to meet your specifications.

Your box’s design style is defined by product protection and how much you want to improve your product’s appearance. Reverse tuck end boxes, sleeve boxes, and two-piece boxes are all well-known customized pre-roll joint boxes.

Selection of Graphics & Printing is Important for Pre-Roll Boxes

Printing makes your custom pre-rolled joint boxes more appealing and engaging. It is one of the essential elements in making a display look appealing.

To make your pre-roll common packaging more attractive and valuable for clients, you can print logos, images, and other product-related information on the container.

Printing processes may be utilized on custom pre-roll packaging, it helps achieve exceptional printing for the packaging of your custom pre-rolled joints. Moreover, it provides several color schemes and branding options for your packaging needs. Hence increasing the attractiveness of packaging for customers.

MY Packaging offers its customers exquisite custom cannabis packaging. You will be able to recognize your products from competitors on store shelves if you put any design logo and text on your pre-roll packaging.

Our goal is to produce packaging so appealing that it will help your goods stand out in the market, increasing your profit. To give your boxes a seductive look, use CYMK and PMS to add shade to your packaging.

Add-ons and Finishing Options

Adding extra finishing options to your approved packing will make it look more distinctive, sturdy, and resistant to harm.

You can use a variety of add-on coatings to make your boxes appear fantastic. MY Packaging provides the following finishes and custom add-ons.

Gloss/Matte Filming



Soft-touch Filming

Spot UV

Foiling Stamping

Different Types of Pre-Roll Boxes

Different types of pre roll boxes
Different types of pre-roll boxes

The variations are plentiful in terms of the pre-rolled joints. Custom pre-roll joints are generally made from plastic or tins. There are also options to purchase custom boxes.

Eventually, we divide it into several categories:

SnapTech Joint Pre-Roll Box Packaging

This can be an easy and safe choice to implement when complying with your business cannabis product.

SnapTech pre-rolls are available to carry other food products too. Plastic containers can hold multiple joints. This joint box utilizes snap technology to lock your contents.

Hinged-Lid Tiny

This metallic tin has an opening and closing lid. This container also makes a wonderful edible container. They provide excellent protection against joint packing.

The heavy metal case makes a drop or spill very difficult when an accident occurs because of its great design.

Recyclable Push Tin Containers

This childproof pre-roll bag carries two opening mechanisms. Similar to the hinged lids, this steel joint tin can help protect your home and trap marijuana smells in the container. These custom pre-roll joint packages are recyclable and are 100% recyclable.

Pinch N Flip

This Pinch N Flip box has a child-proof pre-roll joints box. The customer must squeeze them in the right way to open. Pink flip cases are famous because they provide quick resolution for compliance requirements.

Joint Pre-Roll Box with Lighter Holder

Consumers have been purchasing boxes that can also carry lighters. A joint box offers a convenient way to keep your customers’ joints secure.

Press N Pull

Let’s now introduce the pull button. This pre-roll box is also childproof. The user must press on the tab while releasing the joints while releasing the tab

Why Should You Use Child-Resistant Packaging for Cannabis Products?

child resistant pre roll box
child-resistant pre-roll with flock insert for 3 PK

Child-resistant packaging is designed to prevent children from easily accessing and opening potentially harmful products. It involves specialized packaging that requires a specific series of steps, strength, or dexterity to open, making it difficult for young children to access the contents.

Child-resistant packaging for cannabis products is crucial for several reasons:

  1. Safety: Cannabis products can be harmful if ingested by children. Child-resistant packaging reduces the risk of accidental ingestion, keeping kids safe from potential harm.
  2. Regulatory Compliance: Many regions mandate child-resistant packaging for cannabis products. Adhering to these regulations ensures legal compliance and avoids potential fines or legal issues.
  3. Public Perception: Using child-resistant packaging demonstrates a commitment to safety and responsibility within the cannabis industry. It builds trust among consumers and regulators, contributing to a positive public image.
  4. Prevention of Accidental Consumption: Children are naturally curious and may mistake cannabis products for something harmless. Child-resistant packaging acts as a barrier, reducing the likelihood of accidental consumption.
  5. Liability Reduction: Implementing child-resistant packaging minimizes the risk of liability in case of accidental ingestion, protecting cannabis businesses from potential lawsuits or negative repercussions.

Overall, utilizing child-resistant packaging for cannabis products is essential not only for compliance but also for ensuring the safety of children and maintaining the credibility of the industry.

Find Out How MY Packaging Can Help you Choose the Best Custom Packaging for Your Pre-Rolls

MY Packaging understands the importance of custom pre-roll boxes for cannabis products. The cannabis industry has grown and continues to grow at a rapid pace. Therefore, we leveraged different materials to design and produce the finest qualities for customized pre-roll packaging.

MY Packaging produces several boxes like cardboard, eco-friendly kraft, and corrugated at the most reasonable prices.

We strive to produce the best custom pre-roll packaging for our customers’ brands and businesses. For this purpose, we provide physical sampling for our customers to better decide their packaging requirements.

If you are looking for attractive, reliable, and innovative pre-roll joint packaging at a wholesale rate, MY Packaging is your best partner.