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MY packaging offers custom candle boxes with a variety of features to meet your different merchandising needs.

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It’s not easy to introduce all aspects of custom candle boxes, so we’ve prepared a wealth of information on this page for you to delve into. To make sure you can quickly find the information you want, we have prepared this content directory that will jump to the appropriate location when you click on it.

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    General Hot Selling Products

    Candle packaging is usually made with high end materials with high quality printing and printing finishes to give the packaging a luxurious look.

    Some of the popular types of candle packaging we usually see include:cardboard candle boxes,rigid candle boxes,candle set boxes,round candle boxes, holiday themed packaging, and kraft candle boxes.

    Whatever the category of candle packaging, we have a lot of experience. We can meet your different packaging needs.

    If you are new to the industry or a home crafted customer, you have come to the right place, we can help you with box design and drawing, and our custom candle packaging can have a small starting order to help you grow.

    If you have grown up but are struggling to find a plus stable and reliable supplier. You have also come to the right place, our rich professional candle packaging knowledge and perfect management system can make us better to provide you with smooth supply service.

    Customized candle packaging can give your candles a unique look, promote your brand better, and potentially increase sales. Whether you produce scented candles, paraffin candles, or other types of candles, customized packaging can help your products stand out on the shelves. By including a specific insert, you can also provide the perfect protection for your candles, ensuring that they arrive at their destination in pristine condition.

    rigid candle box

    Rigid Candle Boxes

    Rigid candle boxes, also referred to as candle gift boxes, are a popular style of candle packaging. Unlike cardboard candle boxes, they are made of thicker cardboard and require a more complex manufacturing process. This allows for the incorporation of special features such as magnetic or ribbon closures, resulting in a more luxurious and protective candle packaging solution. Rigid candle boxes are an ideal option for high-end candle products and are available from luxury candle packaging suppliers My Packaging.

    candle set boxes

    Candle Set Boxes

    A luxury candle box made in China is a candle set packaging designed to package a candle set with all the characteristics of a specific gift box. It is larger than a single box, allowing for more luxurious, attractive, protective and functional craftsmanship. This type of candle packaging is suitable for candle sets or other items related to candle culture, and is different from individually filled gift boxes.

    candle packaging tube

    Round Candle Boxes

    Round candle boxes, also known as candle packaging tubes, are in a sense a kind of gift box, they are made of a thin layer of paper wrapped around a thicker core, it also achieves all the usual attributes of a gift box, such as high quality printing, complex printing finishes and cool functions. It is also a common form of candle packaging.Just the shape is the round.

    kraft candle box

    Kraft Candle Boxes

    Kraft candle box is a generic term for all candle boxes made of kraft paper, which can be cardboard candle boxes, rigid candle boxes, round candle boxes and candle set boxes. Since the material used is kraft paper, it is environmentally friendly. Everyone’s environmental awareness is getting better and better, and this kind of candle packaging is becoming more and more popular.

    Custom candle boxes are an essential element of candle packing and shipping, especially for businesses that deal with candles.

    The Australian market for candles is vast and diversified, and thus, bespoke candle boxes have become an integral part of the candle packaging industry. 

    These custom candle boxes come in different shapes, sizes, and designs, and can be tailored to meet individual business needs. They may also include inserts for safe and secure shipping. 

    Custom candle boxes can be printed with brand logos, labels, and other artwork to promote a business’s brand and add a personal touch to the candle packaging boxes. With the option to create custom candle boxes, businesses can ensure that their candles are safe and secure during shipping, while also promoting their brand with high-quality candle box printing.

    We are a professional manufacturer and provide one-stop service, we have been engaged in printing and packaging for more than 10 years. Our rich experience can provide you with stable and reliable services and constructive suggestions, from packaging design to goods delivery.

    With our experience in producing various custom printed candle boxes, we are able to perfect your creative design to make your customized candle boxes more attractive and meet the needs of your different markets, making your products more competitive and occupying a larger market. 


    Perfect Sales Service System

    From inquiry to after-sales, each process are committed to be perfect to ensure you free from all worries.

    How to Order From Us

    Confirm customized box including the artwork, quantity, and the sample box.

    Confirm the product price and the shipping cost, including shipping time and method by proforma invoice.

    TT Part of total payment  in advance to approve mass production, and balance payment to approve shipment. We will send pictures to confirm before shipment.

    Tracking number or bill of lading for notification.

    Who is MY Packaging

    Estimated Turnaround Time For Each Manufacturing process

    We are able to adapt our delivery process so that you can get your order to you quickly and efficiently. Here are the steps on how we will send your order to you

    sample machine-mypaperboxes


    White sample:1 day,
    Digital printed sample: 2 days
    Printed sample:5 days to 7 days,deponds on complexity of your design requeirment



    If the video confirmation is OK, we can give you the sample on the same day we make it.
    If you want to send the sample for confirmation, we will use DHL/FEDEX, then the time will be about a week

    production line-mypaperboxes


    After sample confirmed,we will prepare material and arrange our production plan,Normally for
    Bulk order Qty less 50k:15 working days
    Order Qty less 1 M:20-30 working days



    After QC,we will arrange the delviery,depond on different delivery methods,the time is different:

    Air by DHL/Fedex:Around 7-10 days

    Sea:Around 25-30days deponds on the location you 

    Tips For Quick Sample Confirmation

    To ensure that we can produce your design to your specifications, we need to go through the following steps to communicate with you prior to production

     Send us the AI/PDF file which needs to include all details about printing and finishing as well as cutting lines.

     White mockup sample, printed mockup sample, and digital printed mockup sample are optional. Only White mockup sample is free.

    Sending samples for confirmation or video confirmation is fine, and we will start mass production after the samples are confirmed.

    Estimated Cost Of Custom Candle Boxes

    All money paid to us for the purchase of their products is secure. Below is a summary of the fees you will incur.

    candle set box

    Sample Cost

    White Sample:free;
    Digital printedsample:USD50;
    Pritned sample: USD100-200 based on the specification your design required.

    Shipping Cost

    Sample deilvery:USD 50;
    For Mass goods delivery,This fee is the cost of the factory to your designated location or port, which needs to be determined according to the specific shipping requirements

    Goods Cost

    This fee is what you spend on the goods, we usually require you to pay us a percentage in advance to prepare the materials. Before shipping, we will send a picture or video to confirm with you that the goods have been completed, and you can also arrange for a third party to inspect the goods. After the final payment is made we will arrange the shipment.

    Miscellaneous Cost

    This cost means the tax ,third party inspect charges,and so on.These costs needs to be specific to the situation.

    Resources You May Be Interested In

    Top 3 Most Popular Finishes

    In addition to printing, adding different finishes to your boxes can make your designs more unique and attractive

    Spot UV

    Which involves a clear, shiny coating applied to specific areas of artwork to create an eye-catching contrast. 


    which is the process of creating either raised or recessed relief images and designs in paper.

    hot stamping

    Foil Stamping is a thin film used to transfer aluminiumto a substrate via a stamping process.

    Although They can be applied to the whole paper, the ‘Spot’ element of the process is worth usually used in the logo area or the area we need to emphasize.

    Our Latest Posts About Custom Printed Boxes

    FAQs About Custom Candle Box

    In order to save your time, we have compiled some common questions that our customers have asked us, which you may want to ask too:

    What is foldable rigid box?

    A foldable rigid box is type of rigid box which some parts of it can be folded,normally the lids part.

    Is eco friendly candle boxes real eco?

    Yes,We do have100% eco friendly boxes with ZERO plastic.From material to printing,and process,full eco candle packaging box.

    What's difference between collapsible and foldable rigid box?

    While many collapsible items use folding as a means of accomplishing a task, not all do. If something is collapsible, that means it can be made more compact. For our packaging industry, a collapsible box, sometimes refers to a box that can be flattened, but a foldable box is only certain parts such as the lid that can be folded.

    How to make a candle box packaging? Where to get free candle box dieline?

    You just need tell us your detailed specification,our team will suggest you the right box style for you and help you with graphics or send the template to you to finialise artwork yourself.

    Can you help with my candle box designs?

    Yes,just tell us your requirements,Our experienced designer can help you to finalize your design and experienced engineers can give you constructive advice to pefect your design.And it is free.

    Can I get candle box mockup free?

    We can send you free candle box mockup sample,you just need pay the freight charges,but white sample only, which means there is no any printing or printing process on it,you can use it for measurement checking or style checking.

    Why do I need custom boxes for my candles?

    Custom printed candle box can not only show your product characteristics perfectly, if added insert , can protect your product more.High color quality packaging can add more sales.

    Will custom candle boxes be expensive? What can you do if I have a limited budget?

    Not always.Our experienced team will give you constructive advice on everything from graphic design,box construction, printing, and finishes to help you fit your budget.

    Are your custom candle boxes available in Australia?

    Yes, we offer custom candle boxes in Australia. We provide shipping and delivery services to cater to our Australian customers’ needs.

    Do you offer wholesale options for candle boxes?

    Absolutely! We provide wholesale options for candle boxes, allowing you to order in bulk at discounted prices. This is perfect for businesses or individuals who require a larger quantity of candle boxes.

    Can I get an instant custom printing quotation for my candle boxes?

    Certainly! We offer instant custom printing quotations for your candle boxes. Simply provide us with the necessary details such as box dimensions, design requirements, and desired quantity, and we will promptly provide you with a quotation tailored to your specifications.

    Do you offer Cambridge candle packaging?

    Yes, we offer Cambridge candle packaging. Our range of candle boxes includes various styles and designs, including the popular Cambridge packaging option. You can choose from our selection or customize your own Cambridge-style candle boxes.

    Do you provide jar candle boxes?

    Yes, we provide jar candle boxes. Our custom candle box options cover a wide range of candle types, including jar candles. We can customize the boxes to fit your specific jar candle dimensions and design preferences.

    Where can I find hidden customer service information?

    We strive to provide exceptional customer service. For any inquiries or assistance, please contact our customer service team. You can find our contact information on our website or by reaching out to our dedicated customer service representatives.

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