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It’s not easy to introduce all aspects of custom paper tubes, so we’ve prepared a wealth of information on this page for you to delve into. To make sure you can quickly find the information you want, we have prepared this content directory that will jump to the appropriate location when you click on it.

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    child resistant pre roll with flock insert for 3 PK-my packaging

    Are you looking for a solution for children resistant paper tubes?

    You have come to the right place, we have many success projects!

    Popular Paper tubes based on our Clients' Feedback

    There is a wide variety of paper tubes available in the market. Based on the feedback from our customers over the years, we have listed the most popular paper tubes, classified them according to our experience, and compared their advantages and disadvantages as follows.

    Mini Pre Roll Joint Boxes


    Child-Resistant Pro Roll Packaging

    Pre Roll box with Slider

    Why Custom Paper Tubes With MY Packaging?

    Custom paper tubes can offer several advantages as a product packaging solution for businesses. Firstly, custom paper tubes can be customized to fit the specific size and shape requirements of products, providing a secure fit and added protection during storage and transportation. Additionally, custom paper tubes can be printed or labeled with custom designs, branding, or product information, which can help promote a brand and differentiate products from competitors. Custom paper tubes are also an eco-friendly packaging option as paper is a renewable and recyclable material. Moreover, custom paper tubes can be produced in small or large quantities, making them a cost-effective packaging solution. Finally, custom paper tubes are versatile and can be used for a wide range of products, from food items and cosmetics to industrial goods. Overall, custom paper tubes can offer a number of benefits for businesses seeking a customizable, eco-friendly, and cost-effective packaging solution that can help promote their brand and protect their products.

    We are a professional manufacturer and provide one-stop service, we have been engaged in printing and packaging for more than 10 years. Our rich experience can provide you with stable and reliable services and constructive suggestions, from packaging design to goods delivery.

    With our experience in producing various paper tubes, we are able to perfect your creative design to make your products more attractive and meet the needs of your different markets, making your products more competitive and occupying a larger market. 


    Perfect Sales Service System

    From inquiry to after-sales, each process are committed to be perfect to ensure you free from all worries.

    How to Order From Us

    Confirm customized box including the artwork, quantity, and the sample box.

    Confirm the product price and the shipping cost, including shipping time and method by proforma invoice.

    TT Part of total payment  in advance to approve mass production, and balance payment to approve shipment. We will send pictures to confirm before shipment.

    Tracking number or bill of lading for notification.

    Who is MY Packaging

    Estimated Turnaround Time For Producing Paper Tubes

    Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, we were able to adapt our delivery process so that you can get your order to you quickly and efficiently. Here are the steps on how we will send your order to you

    sample machine-mypaperboxes


    White sample:1 day,
    Digital printing sample: 2 days
    Printed sample:5 days to 7 days,deponds on complexity of your design requeirment



    If the video confirmation is OK, we can give you the sample on the same day we make it.
    If you want to send the sample for confirmation, we will use DHL/FEDEX, then the time will be about a week

    production line-mypaperboxes


    After sample confirmed,we will prepare packaging material and arrange our production plan,Normally for
    Bulk order Qty less 50k:15 working days
    Order Qty less 1 M:20-30 working days



    After QC,we will arrange the delviery,depond on different delivery methods,the time is different:

    Air by DHL/Fedex:Around 7-10 days

    Sea:Around 25-30days deponds on the location you 

    Tips For Quick Sample Confirmation

    To ensure that we can produce custom pre roll boxes to your specifications, we need to go through the following steps to communicate with you prior to production

     Send us the AI/PDF file which needs to include all details about printing and finishing as well as cutting lines.

     White mockup sample, printed mockup sample, and digital printed mockup sample are optional. Only White mockup sample is free.

    Sending samples for confirmation or video confirmation is fine, and we will start mass production after the samples are confirmed.

    Estimated Cost Of Custom Paper Tubes

    All money paid to us for the purchase of their products is secure. Below is a summary of the fees you will incur.

    custom paper tubes
    1.Sample Cost

    White Sample:free;
    Digital printed sample:USD50;
    Pritned sample: USD100-200 based on the specification your design required.

    3.Shipping Cost

    Sample deilvery:USD 50;
    For Mass goods delivery,This fee is the cost of the factory to your designated location or port, which needs to be determined according to the specific shipping requirements

    2.Goods Cost

    This fee is what you spend on the goods, we usually require you to pay us a percentage in advance to prepare the materials. Before shipping, we will send a picture or video to confirm with you that the goods have been completed, and you can also arrange for a third party to inspect the goods. After the final payment is made we will arrange the shipment.

    4.Miscellaneous Cost

    This cost means the tax ,third party inspect charges,and so on.These costs needs to be specific to the situation.

    Resources You May Be Interested In

    The 3 Most Popular Custom Paper Tubes Printing Finishes

    In addition to printing, adding different finishes to your packaging can make your designs more unique and attractive

    Spot UV

    Which involves a clear, shiny coating applied to specific areas of artwork to create an eye-catching contrast. 


    which is the process of creating either raised or recessed relief images and designs in paper.

    hot stamping

    which is a thin film used to transfer aluminiumto a substrate via a stamping process.

    Although They can be applied to the whole paper, the ‘Spot’ element of the process is worth mentioning.so usually used in the logo area or the area we need to emphasize.

    The most common areas of use for paper tube packaging

    A custom paper tube is a cylindrical container made of paper or cardboard that is specially designed to meet the specific needs of a particular product or industry. These tubes can be manufactured in various sizes, thicknesses, and strengths, depending on the requirements of the customer.

    Paper tubes are commonly used for packaging a wide range of products, including food items, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, toys, and industrial components. Some of the most popular products that are packaged in paper tubes include:

    Paper tubes for tea&coffee packaging

    Paper tubes are often used to package loose tea leaves and ground coffee, providing an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic or metal containers.

    Paper tubes are a popular packaging option for tea and coffee products. Here are some of the pros and cons of using paper tubes for tea and coffee packaging:


    1. Eco-friendly: Paper tubes are a sustainable packaging option that can be recycled or composted, reducing their environmental impact.

    2. Protective: Paper tubes provide a sturdy container that protects tea and coffee products from damage during transit and storage.

    3. Customizable: Paper tubes can be customized with different designs, sizes, and finishes to meet the specific branding needs of a business.

    4. Lightweight: Paper tubes are lightweight and easy to handle, making them a convenient option for shipping and storing large quantities of tea and coffee products.


    1. Not airtight: Paper tubes are not completely airtight, so they may not be suitable for products that require airtight packaging to maintain freshness.

    2. Limited barrier properties: Paper tubes may not be suitable for packaging products that are sensitive to light or moisture, as they do not provide as much barrier protection as other packaging materials.

    3. Limited shelf life: Tea and coffee products packaged in paper tubes may have a shorter shelf life compared to products packaged in airtight containers, as they may be exposed to air and moisture.

    Overall, paper tubes can be a great packaging option for tea and coffee products, but it’s important to consider the specific needs of the product and the intended use of the packaging before choosing this option.


    Paper tubes for cosmetics packaging

    Many beauty brands use paper tubes to package their products, such as lip balms, lotions, and facial masks.

    Cosmetic tubes are a popular packaging option for beauty and skincare products. Here are some of the pros and cons of using cosmetic tubes for packaging:


    1. Portable: Cosmetic tubes are lightweight and easy to carry, making them a convenient option for travel or on-the-go use.

    2. Customizable: Cosmetic tubes can be customized with different designs, sizes, and finishes to meet the specific branding needs of a business. customized with different

    3. Easy to use: Cosmetic tubes usually have a narrow nozzle that allows for controlled dispensing of the product, making it easy to apply the product directly to the skin.

    4. Hygienic: Cosmetic tubes can help prevent contamination of the product, as they typically have a cap or other closure mechanism that seals the product inside the tube.


    1. Limited product visibility: Cosmetic tubes may not allow for clear visibility of the product inside, which may be a disadvantage for some customers who prefer to see the product before purchasing.

    2. Limited barrier properties: Cosmetic tubes may not be suitable for products that are sensitive to light or moisture, as they do not provide as much barrier protection as other packaging materials.

    3. Difficult to recycle: Some cosmetic tubes may not be recyclable due to the materials used in their construction, which may not be accepted by recycling facilities.

    Overall, cosmetic tubes can be a great packaging option for beauty and skincare products, but it’s important to consider the specific needs of the product and the intended use of the packaging before choosing this option.

    Paper tubes for candle packaging

    Paper tubes are used to package candles, providing a safe and sturdy container that also helps to maintain the shape of the candle.

    Here are the pros and cons of using candle tubes for packaging candles:


    1. Protection: Candle tubes provide a sturdy and protective enclosure for candles, helping to prevent damage during shipping and storage.

    2. Aesthetically pleasing: Candle tubes can enhance the presentation of candles, providing an elegant and attractive packaging option that can complement the overall aesthetic of the product.

    3. Maintains shape: The cylindrical shape of candle tubes helps to maintain the form and structure of the candles, preventing them from bending or warping during transportation.

    4. Branding opportunities: Candle tubes can be customized with various designs, labels, or artwork, offering opportunities to showcase the brand identity and product information.


    1. Limited visibility: Candle tubes typically obstruct the view of the candle inside, which can be a drawback for customers who want to see the color, texture, or design of the candle before purchasing.

    2. Fragrance containment: If the candles are scented, candle tubes may not allow the fragrance to permeate the air effectively, as the enclosed environment restricts the scent diffusion.

    3. Environmental considerations: While paper-based candle tubes can be eco-friendly, some candle tubes may be made from materials that are not easily recyclable or biodegradable, posing potential environmental concerns.

    4. Size limitations: Candle tubes are available in various sizes, but if a candle exceeds the dimensions of standard tubes, finding a suitable tube for larger candles may be more challenging.

    It’s important to weigh these pros and cons and consider the specific needs of the candles and branding goals when deciding whether to use candle tubes for packaging.

    Our Latest Posts About Custom Packaging

    FAQ about Custom Paper Tubes

    In order to save your time, we have compiled some common questions that our customers have asked us, which you may want to ask too:

    What are some common customization options for paper tubes?

    Some common customization options for paper tubes include size and shape, material and thickness, printing and labeling, end closures, special features, and quantity.

    How can size and shape be customized for paper tubes?

    Size and shape customization can include varying diameters, lengths, and shapes to fit specific products or applications.

    What are some options for material and thickness customization of paper tubes?

    Different types of paper can be used to make paper tubes with options for thickness and weight to suit the needs of the customer.

    How can paper tubes be customized with printing and labeling?

    Paper tubes can be printed or labeled with custom designs, branding, or product information in a range of colors, styles, and designs.

    What are some customization options for end closures of paper tubes?

    End closures can include plastic caps, metal plugs, or custom-made closures with options for added protection and branding.

    What are some examples of special features that can be added to paper tubes?

    Special features can include moisture resistance, UV protection, or other protective coatings to improve the durability or aesthetic appeal of the paper tube.

    Can paper tubes be customized for specific order quantities?

    Yes, paper tubes can be customized to meet specific order quantities, with options for small or large production runs.

    Will custom paper tubes be expensive? What can you do if I have a limited budget?

    Not always.Our experienced team will give you constructive advice on everything from graphic design,box construction, printing, and finishes to help you fit your budget with reasonable prices.

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