How Do You Package a Pre-Rolled Joint?

Pre rolled joint boxes have been a staple of every generation since they were invented in the late 1800s and made famous by your parents in the 1960s.

Today, almost every dispensary’s countertops feature these cannabis products, which are branded in pre-roll joint packaging that keeps your marijuana joints safe and fresh. Here, you can also find a branded pre-roll blunt container, which offers another option for consumers to keep their products fresh and intact.

The versatile cannabis packaging is designed to give the brand appeal your customers seek, whether you’re selling single pre-rolls or multi-packs.

After all, with the correct joint pre-roll packaging, your pre-rolls become both attractive and practical for your consumers.

Pre rolled joints

If you’re in need of custom pre roll boxes but are not sure if they are right for you, read on to learn everything you need to know about cannabis packaging and make your decision with confidence!   

What Are Pre Rolled Joint Boxes And Why do You Need Them?

Pre-roll joint box

The one-of-a-kind pre-roll boxes are made specifically for pre-roll joints and tubes, which are widely used around the world. The pre-roll boxes are made to keep your marijuana products fresh and free of humidity for as long as possible. You also get the benefit of introducing a new customer to your brand history through these pre-roll boxes.

Consumers are totally persuaded by advanced pre-roll boxes that, among others, are the best options for buying. Not only do they cover pre-rolls, but they also advertise your business. Depending on market conditions, the buyer can plan one, three, five, or seven pre-rolled cones. You’ll also find pre-roll tubes, offering a sleek and convenient way for consumers to store their purchases.

Benefits Of Custom Pre Roll Joint Boxes  

Custom Pre Rolled Boxes Provide A Long-Term Storage Solution 

Some cartons that pack hemp, cannabis and other similar herbs in the pre-rolled form are known as pre-roll packaging. These boxes are often made from cardboard, which can be shaped and sized conveniently to fit your needs.

The recyclable boxes are made specifically for pre-roll joints and tubes, which are widely used around the world. The packaging material you use hold great importance when you’re looking to stock cannabis for longer periods and give it a sustainable shelf-life in all sorts of climate.

Custom pre-roll joint boxes

Custom Pre Rolled Joint Boxes Are Shipment Friendly

As many companies have set up their businesses online, they get clients who place pre-roll joint orders and have them delivered to their doorstep. For this purpose, they need custom pre-roll packaging that is suitable for delivery purposes.

It ensures the quality of the goods and protects the shape of the pre-roll cones during shipping. These pre-roll boxes meet packaging needs and deliver satisfaction to clients across the USA.  

Custom pre-roll joint

Customized Pre Rolled Joint Boxes Are Eco-Friendly

One of the major concerns nowadays is the sustainability of the packaging material. That’s why most items are packed using eco-friendly materials.

So, ensuring that the pre-roll box material is made up of sustainable resources and is recyclable becomes very important because it not only helps to save the environment but also helps meet consumer demands while keeping up with the market trends.

Eco-friendly custom pre-roll joint Box

A popular material for the pre-roll box is cardboard, which can be used to manufacture high-quality marijuana packaging with add-ons like multiple compartments. If you’re looking to buy pre-roll packaging wholesale for your company, cardboard is an eco-friendly choice offering simplicity and affordability.

Custom Pre Rolled Boxes Are Great For Branding

Custom pre-roll joint boxes are great for branding

With items like pre-rolls, branding is a key aspect. The customization of the pre-roll box helps businesses promote their brands and display their logos with pride.

Every company now has the chance to label the cannabis packaging with their unique logo and stand out in distinction.

They can also get offset printing of all the necessary information as well as the company tagline on custom packaging. Through branding, businesses can create brand recognition and increase sales.  

Personalized Pre Rolled Boxes Are Convenient

Pre-rolls are among the most popular things sold in dispensaries, owing to their convenience. Many smokers are not well-versed in the skill of rolling, and travelers may not have their rolling equipment on hand.

The task of grinding the flowers and then rolling them into cones can take a long time, and most people just don’t have the patience. Pre-roll joint packaging, in any case, can supply you with high-quality cannabis without trouble.

Personalized pre-roll boxes are convenient

What Are The Different Types of Custom Pre Rolled Joint Boxes

Each business has a customized strategy in place to make sure its packaging needs are met. By appealing to the consumer, pre-roll boxes make a good source of revenue.

Manufacturers of marijuana packaging are required to select their pre-roll box materials carefully because they need to ensure that when the cannabis product reaches consumers, it retains freshness and is in its best shape.

Whether these pre-roll boxes are in single or multi-layered packaging, manufacturers must ensure that the container makes their goods noticeable on store shelves. Luckily, there are so many options to choose from when it comes to pre-roll boxes.

Types of Boxes for Pre Rolled Joints

  • Cannabis Pre Roll Joint Cardboard Boxes
  • Pop-Top Pre Rolled Joint Tubes
  • Tin Boxes
  • Child-Resistant Pre-Roll Packaging
  • Pre Rolled Joint Packaging with Slider
  • Super Seal Glass Pre Rolled Joint Tubes
  • Aluminum Screw-Top Glass Tubes
Different types of custom pre-roll boxes
Child-proof custom marijuana box from My Paper Boxes

Above were just some of the types of containers available for pre-rolls. As time evolves and so do client needs, a new packaging solution is created as required.

To increase sales and brand loyalty, manufacturers choose customized boxes that can have all sorts of unique logos, colors, or sizes. The packaging choice is completely dependent on the aesthetic and marketing message the company wants to put out.

Finding The Right Cannabis Packaging

Customers see pre-roll boxes as the final advertisement before making a purchase choice. But the presentation isn’t just about the boxes; it’s also about the full cannabis pre-roll packaging, including the tubes and the branded containers. The correct packaging can call attention to the product benefits and draw attention for all the right reasons, resulting in greater sales and satisfaction that enhance your brand value and promote your beliefs.

The correct packaging can call attention to the product benefits and draw attention for all the right reasons, resulting in greater sales and satisfaction that enhance your brand value and promote your beliefs. It can reinforce your clients’ desires and help them make confident purchasing decisions.

The pre-roll box will be the first attraction of your product for individuals who enjoy joints. They begin to establish (subconsciously) opinions about the product even before they light up. Hence, you should choose your cannabis packaging pretty wisely.

Pop top custom packaging box from My Paper Boxes

Search for the right size, material, finishing, and price before just going to a random shop quick view page and adding the wrong marijuana packaging to your cart.

Remember to sort out our priorities and contact those who are knowledgeable in this field. You may want your marketing team in on this as your decision will impact the sales longevity of your product, so ensure to make the right one!     

Pop-Top Tubes Vs. Paper Custom Pre Rolled Joint Boxes

Pop Top Tubes

The pop top or pre-roll tube, also known as doobie tube, is a cannabis packaging solution made of plastic, glass, or metal, with plastic being one of the most common choices designed to carry a range of items such as joints, blunts, personalized cones, and even vape oil carts. For those looking for a more premium feel, glass pre-roll tubes are also available, offering a level of sophistication and quality preservation that is appreciated by many consumers.

Depending on the container size, each pre-roll tube can contain one to several pre-rolls. These tubes are available in opaque or transparent colors, with opaque colors hiding the contents and translucent colors allowing you to have a quick view of what’s within.

pop top tubes for pre rolled joints

Paper packaging is little more than a container for your joint. It is an excellent choice for those wishing to pack multiple joints in a solid, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly manner.

These cartons are used for cannabis packaging all over the world. Cannabis producers and distributors package their exquisitely created products in pre-rolled joint boxes. They can customize the box as per their product and marketing needs.

Paper Custom Pre-Roll Boxes

Paper custom pre-roll joint boxes

Child-Resistant Custom Packaging

The Poison Prevention Packaging Act (PPPA) requires that child-resistant packaging be designed in such a way that it is “very difficult” for children aged five and under to access and/or obtain potentially harmful content.

Blunts, cones, joints, and spliffs may all be transported in pre-roll packaging, making pre-rolled cannabis products easy to enjoy wherever you are. However, it is extremely important to keep it away from the quick view or reach of children. Or it should be in such a state that children do not get access to it.

Child-resistant custom pre roll packaging

Child-Resistant (CR) packaging reduces the risk of deadly poisonings dramatically and efficiently. From push-and-twist caps to push-and-pull buttons, you’ve probably encountered a variety of CR packaging. The inherent risks of a youngster accidentally consuming cannabis can be lessened with CR pre-roll packaging.

Why Child Resistant Is Crucial For Cannabis Packaging

Dr. Henri Breault, a Canadian doctor and medical researcher devised the child-resistant locking closure for containers in 1967 after a long history of mishaps in the USA involving children opening home packaging and eating the contents.

The study found that poison control centers in Massachusetts received 218 complaints due to cannabis exposure, accounting for 0.15 percent of all calls involving children and teenagers. The number of calls about single-substance cannabis exposure more than doubled in the four years leading up to medical cannabis legalization, from 29 to 69.

Why You Should Use A Custom Design for Your Pre Rolled Joint Boxes?

Whether it’s in cardboard or plastic, having a custom-designed joint box provides the most versatile option to companies as they are able to display their logo and let customers know of their brand. Manufacturers are able to customize their stickers in almost any way they want.

Stickers are available in all shapes and styles! Alternatively, a business can also choose to press print their logo with gold foil, embossing, and many other style options that give the featured box a unique finishing touch.

Custom design for your pre-roll joint Package

The majority of businesses choose the press print option as they realize it gives their brand a sophisticated and professional look.

If you, too, are looking to create a unique box for your brand, check out all the printing options we have at MY PACKAGING. We even offer free consultations to help you choose the best designs! Go to our quick view page now!

The Benefits Of Having A Reliable And Experienced Custom Pre Rolled Joint Packaging Manufacturer & Supplier

To date, there are multiple manufacturers of these pre-rolled cones who have set up their packaging production plants with a team of skilled and experienced professionals. They offer some of the best collections of packaging designs that help you create a brand identity to set your featured products in the highest position.

How to package a pre-rolled joint


When you have a reliable manufacturer, you can create custom pre-rolled joint boxes with various different packaging options for retailers and customers. You can jump to their quick view page and order instantly. They offer great printing results at reasonable prices.

Regardless of your stack quantity or box printing requirement, having a reliable manufacturer ensures you get advanced services to meet your needs.

For instance, when you go to the quick view page of MY packaging, all you have to do is choose from the vast categories and featured best-selling products or jump to quick view, then tell us about the box quantity, size, and printing requirements. When you place desired products in your cart, you get to view results instantly.

So, talk to our sales rep today! You can also subscribe to our e-catalog to get free weekly updates.

How MY Packaging Is The Perfect Supplier For Your Custom Pre Rolled Joint Boxes?

Are you thinking of rebranding your cannabis products? Not sure of what colors or sizes would make your product the most enticing? With so many various varieties of pre-roll packaging available, you may be having difficulty deciding which one is best for your brand.

But, fret not….we can help!

Pre-Rolled Joint Packaging

At MY PACKAGING, we understand the importance of showcasing your brand via your packaging, as marijuana is an item that you cannot advertise openly. In this scenario, selecting your cannabis packaging solutions becomes one of the most crucial steps to marketing your product successfully. Unique and creative packaging is also one of the very first things that customers notice about your brand.

Keeping this in mind, MY PACKAGING provides multiple packaging choices for your pre-rolled joints as well as our standard sizing options for all other cannabis packaging products. With customization, we allow businesses to choose from a variety of graphic design services that accurately display the brand’s message. Whether it is the logo, the color schemes, or the shape of the container, we can perfectly match your style and vision.

Our streamlined packaging process provides you with everything you need to brand, protect, and sell your cannabis goods properly. At MY PACKAGING, our business is to ensure your business runs smoothly. So, all you have to do is email us with your order details and request a quotation. Remember to mention the size, shape, and quantity of boxes required. Once we receive your email, our professional customer support agent will respond with an exact pricing quote for your tailored packaging solution.

Furthermore, we attempt to maximize your logistical footprint in order to optimize your packaging investment.

See…it’s that easy to get custom-made cannabis boxes when you order from MY PACKAGING. No wonder we are the best in the business!

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