What Characteristics a Perfectly Designed Child Resistant Pre-Roll Box Needs to Have?

child resistant pre roll box-my packaging

The child-resistant pre-roll boxes are designed with a child lock feature.The toxic effects of marijuana products on children make child lock packaging particularly important. So what kind of child lock packaging is successful? First, It needs to have conditions that are not conducive to children opening it, and second, it can’t design in a way […]

Pre Roll Boxes – An Ideal Partner for Your Custom Pre Roll Packaging Needs

Pre roll boxes

Pre-roll boxes are designed exclusively for pre-roll blunts and joints. Ever since the invention of pre-roll joints in the late 1800s, they have gained popularity for keeping pre-rolls humidity-free and fresh. As a result, pre-roll packaging gained a lot of traction, and companies started competing to produce the most delicate pre-rolls. Every countertop in dispensaries […]