The Ultimate Guide to Custom Retail Pre Roll Packaging

As the cannabis industry continues to grow, competition among pre-roll manufacturers and brands is becoming increasingly fierce. One way to stand out from the crowd is through custom retail pre-roll packaging that not only protects the product but also represents the brand and its values.

In fact, studies show that custom packaging can increase brand recognition and consumer loyalty by up to 30%. With so much at stake, it’s essential to understand the different types of custom retail packaging available for pre-roll joints, as well as the design elements and sustainability considerations that go into creating the perfect packaging.

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In this ultimate guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about custom retail packaging for pre-rolled joints, from types and design elements to sustainability and choosing the right packaging for your brand. Whether you’re a seasoned cannabis entrepreneur or a newcomer to the industry, this guide is a must-read for anyone looking to enhance their brand and elevate their pre-roll packaging game.

What is custom retail pre-roll packaging?

Custom retail pre-roll packaging refers to retail use pre-roll packaging that is uniquely designed and customized to fit a specific brand’s needs and style. This type of packaging is tailored to meet the product’s specific requirements, from size and shape to materials and graphics.

Custom retail packaging is becoming increasingly important in the pre-roll industry as it offers several benefits for both the brand and the consumer.

One of the primary benefits of custom retail packaging for pre-rolls is increased brand recognition. Custom packaging helps brands to stand out from the competition by creating a unique visual identity that is easily recognizable. This is important in an industry where branding and differentiation are critical to success.

Custom retail packaging for pre-rolls also provides essential product protection. Pre-rolls are fragile and require packaging that can keep them safe and secure during transportation and storage. Custom packaging is designed to fit the product’s specific needs, ensuring that pre-rolls are protected from damage and contamination.

In addition to protecting the product, custom packaging also enhances the customer experience. A well-designed package can create a sense of anticipation and excitement for the consumer, increasing the perceived value of the product. This can lead to increased customer loyalty and repeat business.

Overall, custom retail packaging for pre-rolls is an essential tool for brands looking to establish themselves in the cannabis industry. It offers numerous benefits, from increased brand recognition to enhanced customer experience, and is a critical element in creating a successful pre-roll business.

4 Classical types of retail pre-roll joint packaging

It is hard to tell which is the best pre-roll packaging type for retail cannabis business. Because everyone’s evaluation of the best standards is different, in a word, suitable for your own joints is the best!

Here are the most popular types of retail packaging for pre-rolled joints:

Pre-roll Boxes:

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Pre-roll packaging boxes are one of the most popular types of luxury pre-roll packaging. They come in a range of shapes and sizes and can be made from a variety of materials such as cardboard, paperboard, and plastic. Pre-roll boxes are highly customizable, allowing brands to print their logos, artwork, and other design elements directly onto the box. They offer excellent product protection and are an effective way to promote brand recognition.

Mylar Bags:

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Mylar bags are another popular packaging option for pre-rolls. They come in a range of materials, including paper, plastic, and fabric, and can be customized with various design elements such as branding and graphics. Custom bags are lightweight and easy to transport, making them a popular choice for dispensaries and retailers. However, they may not offer the same level of product protection as custom boxes.

Pre-Roll Tubes:

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Joint tube is a unique and innovative way to package pre-rolls. They come in a variety of materials, including plastic, glass, and metal, and can be customized with branding, graphics, and other design elements. Pop-top tubes and glass pre-roll tubes are the most popular ones. The joint tube is highly portable and offers excellent product protection, making it a popular choice for consumers who want to take their pre-rolls on the go.

Pre-roll tins

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Pre-roll tins refer to a small container or tin designed to hold pre-rolled or pre-packaged cigarettes or joints, commonly used for smoking tobacco or cannabis. These tin containers are often used for convenience and portability, allowing users to carry their pre-rolled smoking products with them in a discreet and protective container. They come in various sizes and designs, but the primary purpose is to keep the contents safe and prevent them from getting crushed or damaged while being transported as the most luxury pre-roll packaging.

Each type of pre-roll joint packaging has its own advantages and disadvantages. Brands must carefully consider their specific needs.

Sustainability matters for retail pre-roll packaging

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Sustainability is an increasingly important factor in custom retail packaging for pre-rolls. As more consumers become environmentally conscious, brands must consider the environmental impact of their packaging materials and designs. Here are some of the reasons why sustainability is important in custom retail packaging:

Reduced Environmental Impact:

Sustainable packaging materials and designs can help reduce the environmental impact of the packaging industry. For example, using recycled paper or biodegradable plastics can help reduce waste and minimize the use of non-renewable resources.

Consumer Appeal:

Consumers are increasingly drawn to sustainable products and packaging. Brands that prioritize sustainability can appeal to environmentally conscious consumers and gain a competitive advantage.

Brand Reputation:

Sustainable packaging can also enhance a brand’s reputation as a socially responsible company. Consumers are more likely to support companies that prioritize sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Here are some examples of eco-friendly materials and packaging designs that can be used in custom retail packaging for pre-rolls:

  1. Recycled Paper:
    Recycled paper is a popular eco-friendly material for packaging. It can be used to create custom boxes, bags, and other packaging designs. Recycled paper can also be printed with eco-friendly inks that are free of harmful chemicals.
  2. Biodegradable Plastics:
    Biodegradable plastics are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic packaging. They break down naturally in the environment, reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills.
  3. Minimalist Design:
    Minimalist packaging designs use less material and can be more eco-friendly than elaborate designs. For example, a simple custom tube with a small label can be just as effective as a larger, more elaborate package.
  4. Reusable Packaging:
    Reusable packaging is another eco-friendly option for custom retail packaging. Brands can design packaging that can be repurposed by the consumer, such as a custom tin or glass jar.

Sustainability is a critical factor in custom retail packaging for pre-rolls. Brands can use eco-friendly materials and packaging designs to reduce their environmental impact, appeal to environmentally conscious consumers, and enhance their brand reputation.

Child resistance is an important factor in retail pre-roll packaging needs

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Child resistance is an important factor to consider in custom retail packaging for pre-rolls. In many jurisdictions, childproof packaging is required by law for cannabis products, including pre-rolls. Child-proof packaging is designed to make it difficult for children to access the contents of the package, reducing the risk of accidental ingestion or exposure. Here are some reasons why child-resistant pre-roll packaging is important:


It is an important safety measure to prevent accidental ingestion or exposure to cannabis products. Children are naturally curious and may try to open packaging that is not child-resistant, putting themselves at risk.


In many jurisdictions, It is a legal requirement for cannabis products. Brands that fail to comply with these regulations risk fines and other legal consequences.


Brands that prioritize safety and compliance can enhance their reputation with consumers and regulators. Consumers are more likely to trust brands that prioritize safety and environmental responsibility.

It is an essential factor to consider in custom retail packaging for pre-rolls. Brands can enhance their reputation, comply with regulations, and prioritize safety by using child-proof packaging designs.

6 factors to consider before choosing the right retail pre-rolled cones’ packaging

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When it comes to choosing the right custom retail packaging for pre-rolls, there are several factors to consider. Here are some practical tips that can help brands make the right choice:


Custom packaging can range from affordable to expensive, depending on the materials and design. It’s essential to determine a realistic budget before beginning the design process. Brands should consider their profit margins, production costs, and other expenses when deciding on a budget.

Brand identity

Custom packaging can be a powerful branding tool. Brands should consider their existing brand identity, including colors, typography, and imagery when designing their custom packaging. The packaging should be visually appealing and reflect the brand’s personality and values.

Product protection

Pre-rolls are fragile and can easily be damaged during shipping and handling. Custom packaging should provide adequate protection to prevent the pre-rolls from breaking or being crushed. Brands should consider using materials that are durable and can withstand rough handling during transportation.


As mentioned earlier, sustainability is becoming an increasingly important factor in custom packaging. Brands should consider using eco-friendly materials and designs that minimize waste and reduce their carbon footprint.

Child Resistant Regulations

Brands should be aware of the regulations and requirements for packaging pre-rolls in their jurisdiction. This includes regulations related to childproof packaging and labeling requirements.

User experience

The packaging should be easy to use and convenient for customers. This includes easy access to the pre-rolls, clear labeling and instructions, and intuitive design.

Choosing the right custom retail packaging for pre-rolls requires careful consideration of factors such as budget, brand identity, product protection, sustainability, regulations, and user experience. By taking these factors into account, brands can create custom packaging that enhances their brand identity, protects their products, and meets the needs and expectations of their customers.

How to make custom retail cannabis pre-roll packaging?

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Design plays a critical role in creating custom retail packaging for pre-rolls. The packaging design is often the first point of contact between a brand and a consumer, and it’s essential to make a strong first impression. Here are some of the design elements that can be used to create custom retail packaging for pre-rolls:

  1. Color:
    A color is a powerful tool in creating custom retail packaging for pre-rolls. Different colors can evoke specific emotions and create a unique brand identity. Brands can use color to make their packaging stand out on the shelves and to convey specific messages to consumers. For example, green is often associated with the cannabis industry, while black can convey a sense of luxury and sophistication.
  2. Typography:
    Typography refers to the style, size, and arrangement of text on the packaging. It’s important to choose typography that is easy to read and matches the brand’s overall aesthetic. Brands can use typography to highlight key messages, such as strain information or product benefits.
  3. Imagery:
    Imagery is an important design element in creating custom retail packaging for pre-rolls. Brands can use imagery to create a sense of identity and to showcase their product. For example, images of cannabis plants or smoking accessories can help reinforce the brand’s connection to the cannabis industry.
  4. Branding:
    Branding is critical in creating custom retail packaging for pre-rolls. Brands should incorporate their logos, slogans, and other branding elements into the packaging design to create a consistent and recognizable brand identity. The branding should be clear and visible, even from a distance.
  5. Sustainability:
    Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important design element in custom retail packaging for pre-rolls. Brands can use sustainable materials, such as recycled paper or biodegradable plastics, to create eco-friendly packaging that appeals to environmentally conscious consumers.

Custom retail packaging for pre-rolls can be designed using a range of visual elements, including color, typography, imagery, branding, and sustainability. It’s essential to choose design elements that are consistent with the brand’s identity and messaging and that create a strong first impression with consumers.

In conclusion

Custom retail packaging for pre-rolls is a crucial component of any successful cannabis brand. It helps to increase brand recognition, protect products during transportation, and create a positive customer experience. In this article, we have discussed the different types of retail cannabis joint packaging available, the design elements to consider, the importance of sustainability, the need for child-resistant packaging, and practical tips for choosing the right packaging for your pre-rolls.

To take the next steps towards creating custom retail packaging for your pre-rolls, consider the factors discussed in this article, such as your budget, brand identity, product protection, sustainability, child resistance regulations, and user experience. Work with a reputable custom packaging company that understands your needs and can provide customized solutions that meet your specific requirements. By investing in high-quality, custom retail packaging for your pre-rolls, you can enhance your brand’s reputation, attract more customers, and increase your profits. So, start exploring your options and take the first step towards creating custom retail packaging that truly reflects your brand’s identity and values.