Everything You Should Know About Custom Pre-Roll Packaging

Are you curious about the custom pre-roll packaging and wish to know all about it? Well, if yes, then you are at the right place. Here, we have compiled all the information about the types and contents of the pre-roll packaging. 

Indeed, pre-roll joints are not a new concept. People have been rolling their cannabis joints for hundreds of years. However, what’s new in modern-age pre-roll packaging is that it offers ease, accessibility, and aesthetic appeal to consumers. With the boom of the cannabis industry in recent years, most people have shown interest in having customized packages for their joints. These custom pre-roll packages look beautiful and depict the user’s personality.

Let’s find out about pre-roll packages in detail.

What is a Pre-Roll?

Custom pre-roll packaging

A pre-roll is a pre-packaged, pre-set, instantly smokable cannabis joint. This pre-prepared joint is great for people who don’t know how to roll a cannabis joint. Furthermore, the pre-roll joint helps retain the high quality and maximum potency of the cannabis intact. Plus, the cannabis will remain fresh and safe for an extended period. With this joint, you will get your hands on pre-prepared pre-roll packaging and enjoy the soothing euphoria.

How do you package pre-rolls?

Package pre-rolls

With the increase in the cannabis industry, the market has seen an enormous rise in the variations of pre-roll packaging. The Pre-roll packaging companies have introduced an extensive range of packaging options according to the requirements and preferences of the customers. Following are some of the most popular and widely available pre-roll packaging options.

Pop-top Pre-Roll Tubes Packaging

The pop-top pre-roll tubes “pop open” with a single squeeze. One of the most prominent functions of these tubes is that they are air-tight. Hence, these tubes maintain the freshness, flavor, and fragrance of the cannabis content intact. Furthermore, because of their “pop-open” feature, the tubes remain water-resistant, thus keeping the tube’s contents perfectly safe.

Pre-Roll Box Packaging

An aesthetically attractive custom pre-roll box is one of the most popular options for pre-roll packaging. These boxes are available in a variety of different colors and prints. In addition to their fascinating looks, these boxes are also eco-friendly. Moreover, versatile prints, patterns, and colors can add a signature appeal to your business. My Packaging allows you to customize these boxes in a variety of prints.

Pre-Roll Metal Tins Packaging

Pre-roll metal tin packaging has gained immense popularity recently. You can get these metal tins in any size and color with varying lock options. The packaging companies also allow you to custom print these tins per your liking. These tins keep the joints safe and fresh and easy to carry around.

Child-Resistant Pre-Roll Tubes Packaging

The child-resistant pre-roll tubes are great for keeping your joints fresh and away from children’s approaches. These tubes are thoughtfully designed and offer a smart opening mechanism. My Packaging also allows you to check child-resistant certification. You pre-roll joint paper tubes, which are eco-friendly and have zero plastic.

You may also find pre-roll pouches, magnetic boxes, triangles, and disposable boxes in the market. All these pre-roll packagings are comprehensively designed to ensure the feasibility and accessibility of the customers. As the cannabis industry is booming with each passing day, there are strong chances that companies will offer more new varieties of pre-roll packaging.

What should I look for in pre-roll Packaging?

A pre-roll joint delivers a specific amount of phytocannabinoids (mainly THC and CBD). THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol naturally has psychoactive properties. The higher the amount of THC in the pre-roll, the greater will be the stoning effect.

CBD (Cannabidiol) offers clinical and therapeutic effects to the human body. People choose their cannabis products depending upon their preferences and needs. 

Generally, people prefer THC-enriched cannabis products for entertainment purposes. A few huffs of THC-loaded joints are enough to let you float high in the air.

On the other hand, CBD products are popular among people who wish to alleviate pain, improve their sleeping habits, enhance their mood or increase their physical activity. However, a vast majority of people prefer a mix of THC and CBD in their pre-roll packaging. Both cannabinoids and flavorful and fragrant terpenes offer health benefits for both compounds.

Hence, if you wish to get “high” and have fun, then go for THC products; if you want some health benefits, try CBD products. The healthy combination of both cannabinoids can help you reduce stress and enjoy your surroundings.

What is Inside a Pre-Roll Packaging?

Inside a pre-roll packaging

The quality and potency of the joint depend upon the contents of the pre-roll. Commonly, the pre-roll joint contains bud, shake, or trims of the cannabis plant. The concentration of these components determines the potency and potential efficiency of the joint.

Cannabis Flower or Bud

Cannabis flower or Bud

Cannabis bud or flower is the most significant part of the plant to extract maximum goodness of THC. THC is the basic photochemical compound or phytocannabinoid responsible for getting you high. Premium quality pre-roll joints contain shredded and ground-up pieces of the cannabis flower.

These joints allow you to enjoy the soothing euphoric sensation within no time as you will experience the maximum effect of THC. However, there is a catch! The pre-prepared joints are efficiently packaged, and ripping them apart to check out the contents of the joint can ruin the basic purpose of pre-rolling.

So, how can you ensure you get the finest quality cannabis flower bit in the joint? Do thorough research on different packaging brands available in the market. A prestigious and renowned packaging brand will offer a high THC percentage compared to other cannabinoids in the joint.

Moreover, the pre-roll joints also contain natural terpenes present in the cannabis that give the joint a unique fragrance and flavor. The reliable pre-roll packaging brands will present the joints’ contents and composition on their official website in detail. So, check this content list and quality control certification before purchasing the pre-roll joints. My Packaging is an excellent option as you can read all the information about its products on its website.

You can also consult My Packaging’s customer services to get your queries answered. Moreover, you can always double-check the information provided by the manufacturers by unpacking the joint yourself.

Cannabis Shakes

Cannabis shakes

Cannabis shakes are the tiny leftover remnants of the cannabis flower nugs or colas. The collection of cannabis flowers on the plant’s stem is called colas. Usually, during the harvesting, collection, or packaging process, the cannabis flower may get damaged, and the small shreds may fall off in the container.

Indeed, the quality, potency, and efficiency of these shreds or cannabis shakes are less than that of fresh and soft cannabis buds. However, if these cannabis shreds are remnants of top-quality cannabis strain, they can offer similar effects to cannabis buds. Notably, the cannabis shake is an excellent, cost-effective option for people looking for an affordable cannabis joint for vaping, smoking, or getting high.

Generally, there is a misconception among masses that pre-roll joints often contain cannabis shakes instead of cannabis buds. Therefore, many people consider it suboptimal and avoid buying pre-rolls

You can counter this misconception by buying pre-roll joints from a reliable and trustworthy company. For instance, My Packaging is a transparent brand that indicates the contents of pre-roll packaging. Buying pre-roll joints from such a reputable company puts you at ease that you have premium stuff.

Cannabis Trims

Pre-roll joints filled with cannabis trims are the lowest quality cannabis joints among the three. Cannabis trims do not contain even a shred of cannabis flower. These trimmings are the cannabis leftovers that are compiled after harvesting the crops.

Generally, there are two types of trimmings, wet trimming, and dry trimming. Wet trimming is done right after harvesting the fresh weed, whereas dry trimming is done after drying the harvest.

Cannabis trimmings is vital to completely separate the cannabis flower from other parts of the plant. These weed trimmings include fan leaves, sugar leaves, stems, and popcorn buds.

Firstly, the tiny sugar leaves are adjacent to the flower and contain specific concentrations of cannabinoids and terpenes. Second, comes the fan leaves, which grow on the stem and do not contain cannabinoids.

Thirdly, popcorn buds grow on the lower part of cannabis, contain a solid concentration of CBD and THC, and are often called B-grade buds. Lastly, the stems usually lack cannabinoids, and the trimmers often throw them off.

Companies offering cannabis trims in the pre-roll joints use crushed stems, leaves, and seeds of the cannabis plant. As these trims lack a high concentration of THC, you will not experience the desired stoning effect. Moreover, some manufacturers may also mix it with cannabis buds and shakes, which will lower the overall quality of the joint. Hence, avoid smoking these low-quality joints and look for premium quality pre-roll joints is better.

Things to Consider Before Buying A Pre-Roll Cannabis Joint

The pre-roll packaging industry is highly saturated, and with each passing day, new companies are coming up on the horizon. With such an overwhelming range of companies, choosing high-quality, correctly packaged, and potent products can be difficult. Most importantly, if you are looking for premium quality packaging for your business, then it is essential to look around, research, and make the final decision. Following are some of the most important factors you must consider while choosing a premium pre-roll joint packaging.

Types of Pre-Roll Packaging Material

First and foremost, the pre-roll packaging material must be of high quality. There are different types of packaging material options available at different brands. For instance, you can order metal tins, hard boxes, or paper tubes. Depending upon your purpose of the purchase, all of these types work fine.

Choosing a durable and sturdy material is advisable for business purposes as it can withstand the possible damages during packaging and shipment. Otherwise, if you are ordering pre-roll packages for personal use, pick the material as per your routine.

If you often travel, then it is preferable to choose a hard box or metal tin packaging; you can go for pop-open or paper tubes. 

Innovative Designs

Nowadays, people tend to make a statement with their pre-roll joint. Hence, they choose quirky prints, colors, and patterns on their pre-roll packaging. Attractive colors and enticing prints enhance the pre-roll joints’ overall appearance.

You can find an exciting collection of prints and colors in the market. Interestingly, the pre-roll packaging companies allow their customers to customize their pre-roll packages. This feature is particularly beneficial for people running their businesses. The customized prints enhance the brand value and can also depict the brand’s signature features.

With My Packaging, you can choose beautiful patterns from a wide collection of prints and colors and make that your signature style.

Quality of Prints

Regardless of the vibrancy of the colors or beauty of the patterns, if the quality of the prints is not up to the mark, then the final product will not look good. Therefore, choosing a packaging company that does not compromise the quality of prints is crucially important.

You may find inexpensive packaging options, but you may not get the best quality of colors and prints. If you are looking for premium color and printing quality at the most affordable price range, then do check out the official website of My Packaging.

Finishing Quality

Apart from the basic pre-roll packaging options, you can also enhance the product’s aesthetic appeal by adding further finishing touches. For example, add additional gold or silver coatings, stamping, embossing, etc. These final touches add an extra enchanting flair to the whole packaging. Plus, people often love to flaunt these fun and interesting customized pre-roll joints at parties.

Wrapping Up

There you go! We hope you have found all this information interesting and fruitful. Pre-roll packaging is great for both travel purposes and for keeping at home. With your joints pre-prepared in some cool and interesting packages, you can enjoy fresh and fragrant cannabis anywhere at any time. Moreover, you can also flaunt the customized patterns and packages to your friends at the next party.