5 Best Tips to Use Custom Printed Pre-Roll Boxes

The cannabis industry has exponentially progressed over the past few years. In the modern age, cannabis products, especially pre-roll joints, have become a massive hit among the masses. With this incredible popularity of pre-roll joints, top brands have started inventing beautifully designed pre-roll boxes to carry the pre-roll joints. The pre-roll box is one of the most popular types of pre-roll packaging.

You can find an exceptional range of pre-roll packages in varying colors, designs, prints, and materials in the market. People love expressing their mood, personality, or choice through the shape or pattern of their pre-roll box. The pre-roll packaging industry has introduced a variety of custom prints considering the customers’ requirements and personal preferences.

Here in this article, we have explained a few essential tips to help you use these custom-printed pre-roll boxes. Let’s get started!

What Are Pre-roll Boxes?

Custom printed pre-roll box

Pre-roll boxes are the small containers used to keep the pre-roll joints safe. These pre-roll packages help maintain the freshness and natural moistness of the joints. Pre-roll packages make it easy to travel around while keeping the pre-roll joints in the pocket or the backpack. There is an exceptional variety of pre-roll boxes available in the market with varying prints, colors, materials, and sizes. Enticing prints or colors not only make the pre-roll boxes look pleasing but also make them discreet. Premium quality pre-roll boxes contain the signature smell of the half-burnt joint; thus, you can easily smoke in public places. In general, the half-smoked joint dries off after a while. But holding these joints in sustain the natural moistness of the cannabis for longer periods. Hence, the pre-roll boxes are great for people who do not smoke the whole joint in a single go.

The brands use innovative packaging designs to make a mark in the oversaturated cannabis industry. In addition to offering high-standard pre-roll joints alluring your customers through enticing packaging is crucial to having a profitable business. The custom-printed pre-roll boxes can help identify your brand and keep coming back to shop again.

Top 5 Tips to Use Custom Printed Pre-roll Boxes

Choosing a prestigious pre-roll packaging brand that follows strict quality control protocols and offers exceptional customer services is necessary to get the best pre-roll packages. The top pre-roll packaging brands work with teams of highly qualified and experienced technical experts, graphic designers, and market researchers. These brands give attention to the detailing, prioritize quality and help the customer choose the best products. Choosing the best custom-printed pre-roll boxes is essential for the growth of any business. Here are the top tips for using custom-printed pre-roll boxes.

Choose Premium Quality Packaging Material

High quality Pre-Roll package

Regardless of the apparent attractiveness of the pre-roll packages, if their packaging material is of low quality, then the customers will not buy these packages. It is necessary to use premium quality packaging material to keep the pre-roll joints safe and fresh.

The pre-roll packaging companies produce pre-roll packages in a variety of materials. For instance, pre-roll cardboard boxes, metal tins, and paper boxes. Nowadays, customers prefer buying eco-friendly pre-roll packages, thus making cardboard boxes and paper boxes high in demand.

Moreover, considering the chemical nature of the pre-roll joints, most people ask for child-resistant pre-roll packages. These child-resistant pre-roll packages have a specific opening mechanism that makes it difficult for children to open them. You can get customized printed pre-rolls with child-resistant and eco-friendly features.

Depict Your Creativity via Innovative Designs

People generally prefer brands that use creative and innovative designs for marketing and advertising their products. You must have noticed that at any shopping center, the products with simple and plain packaging often remain untouched.

In contrast, products with vibrant, colorful, and striking packaging grab the customers’ attention. Hence, you can use the stunningly colored and beautifully designed custom-printed pre-roll boxes to attract new customers.

The pre-roll packaging companies often have a few of their signature prints and patterns for the pre-roll box packaging. These companies design these patterns and prints using the expertise of experienced graphic designers to make attractive designs. Otherwise, you can also show your favorite designs to these brands for inspiration.

Make Your Brand Memorable

These custom-printed pre-roll packages can help your brand make a mark in the oversaturated cannabis industry. You can use the custom-printed pre-roll boxes to make an impression of your brands in customers’ minds. So that the next time they go shopping for pre-roll joint boxes, they will first stop by your place.

Tell Your Brand’s Story

Pre-roll package

Customize your pre-roll boxes to exhibit your brand’s story. Use significant patterns, colors, or writing styles that connect with your brand’s values. These customized boxes are the first thing that people notice, so make a good first impression by choosing a premium quality and pleasingly designed custom-printed pre-roll box.

Cater to the Customers’ Demands With a Variety of Finishing Techniques

You can use the different finishing techniques on the custom-printed pre-roll boxes to enhance their artistic significance. The pre-roll packaging brands use various finishing techniques to make the pre-roll packages look aesthetically appealing and unique.

These finishing techniques include gloss, aqueous coating, matte, spot UV, gold and silver foil stamping, holographic printing, embossing, and debossing. These techniques add a distinctive flair to the simple pre-roll box. Moreover, the customers get to choose from a variety of options as per their personal preferences and liking.

Where to Get the Best Custom-Printed Pre-Roll Boxes?

With the massive growth of the cannabis industry within a short time, an incredible number of pre-roll packaging companies entered the market. Choosing the best pre-roll packaging brand is an overwhelming task for customers. Especially when you are new in the business, it isn’t easy to distinguish the best from the average product.

We have extensively studied this pre-roll packaging market and have tried numerous brands. Although we have liked many brands’ packaging, print, and finishing quality, we find My Packaging the best. This brand provides customers with an extensive assortment of color palettes and designs. Plus, the team of experts guides the customers in choosing the pattern, font, and color palette that best describes their brand value and products.

Wrapping Up

premium pre-roll boxes

The pre-roll joint is among the most popular options for consuming weed. People have been enjoying pre-roll joints for decades. They used to carry it around the pre-roll joints in different packaging options. However, It is essential to use premium packaging options to maintain the maximum freshness, quality, and potency of the cannabis in the joint. The custom-printed pre-roll boxes offer an exceptional option to hold the pre-roll joints. These pre-roll boxes look appealing, stylish, and chic to carry around; and perfectly keep the premium quality of the cannabis joints.

Nowadays, people love exhibiting and carrying custom pre-roll boxes to flaunt their style and personality. These pre-roll boxes are a great way to make a long-lasting impression of your pre-roll joints’ brand.