Top Cannabis Flower Packaging Options In Today’s Market

Within the past few years, the cannabis industry has grown exponentially. The experts are predicting more rapid growth of this industry in coming years, with an expected sales of $33.6 billion by 2025. Simultaneously, the demand for cannabis packaging has risen at the same rate. Numerous packaging companies have emerged in the last few years, offering various packaging options. Here, we have selected the top cannabis flower packaging options available on the market.

The Best Cannabis Flower Packaging Options

Indeed, when buying a valuable product, you wish to maintain its original goodness for a more extended period. The cannabis packaging companies have offered a wide selection of packaging options based on the type of cannabis product and customers’ preferences. If you run a cannabis business, you can boost your business by using the following top cannabis flower packaging options.

Packaging for cannabis flowers

Glass Bottles or Jars for Cannabis Flower Packaging

Glass is one of the most renowned and widely used materials for packaging because of its non-reactive characteristics. Cannabis contains naturally active biochemical compounds such as THC and CBD, and as glass is a non-reactive material thus is best to package these active products. Furthermore, customers appreciate looking at what they are paying for, and see-through glass is perfect for that purpose.

(Mylar) Plastic Bags Are one of the Most Common Cannabis Flower Packaging Options

Mylar bags have long been used for packing organic materials. And these bags have become one the most popular packaging materials for cannabis flowers. Mylar is a brand that manufactures a unique stretched polyester (polyethylene terephthalate- PET) film called BoPET (Biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate).

This unique plastic packaging offers a shield against moisture, air/ oxygen, and contaminants. Moreover, mylar bags are great for labeling, printing, and adding stickers. So you can imprint your customized business logo, product’s contents, or any other information on these bags.

Airtight plastic bags are another great option to package cannabis as they keep the cannabis safe from moisture and air. Many packaging companies also offer smell-resistant plastic bags making them perfect for carrying cannabis products around without being noticed.

Foil Bags are Ideal for Packaging Cannabis Flower

Foil bags are a popular choice for storing and selling coffees and teas, as these bags keep the original aroma and flavor of these products intact. The same goes valid for cannabis products. These foil-lined bags are a popular choice for cannabis businesses to deliver fresh and aromatic cannabis products to their customers. The foil lining of these bags guards the cannabis products against moisture, light, and air and keeps their delicate scent and flavor intact.

Pack Cannabis Flower in Plastic Tubes and Vials

Pill bottles or plastic vials have been around for ages. Typically, these pill bottles are used to carry prescription medicines from dispensaries, but now these vials have become popular means of carrying cannabis treats. Generally, most brands and companies opt for fancy, upscale, modern packaging. However, many prefer these classic, easy-to-use, and portable vials. One of the most notable features of these vials is their affordability.

Pop Top Containers Packaging for Cannabis Products

Pop Top containers are a fine choice to store and sell cannabis products for numerous reasons. These bottles are affordable, easy to use, practical and durable. One of the most loved features of pop top containers is that they are child-resistant. The lid opening mechanism requires force to open, making them a great option to keep around kids. You can keep cannabis edibles, joints, concentrates, and flowers in these pop top containers.

Packaging companies manufacture these containers in various sizes. Miniature pop top containers can carry as low as 0.75 grams of cannabis flower, and the large-sized pop-top containers can hold 28 grams of cannabis flower.

Moreover, these pop-top containers are available in all colors possible. Plus, opaque and translucent pop top tubes are available in the market. Generally, pop top containers are thin and lean but offer enough space to label your business’s logo and other specs.

Benefits of Cannabis Flower Packaging

Cannabis flower packaging options

The first thing one notices when buying a cannabis product is its packaging. Exciting and aesthetically pleasing packaging offering maximum protection to the product is bound to get customers’ attention. Plus, natural and pure products require extra care and protection to retain their biochemical characteristics and beneficial properties. Here are the most lucrative benefits of premium cannabis flower packaging.

Safety of Cannabis Flower From Contaminants

Cannabis packaging is necessary to protect the product from contaminants. These contaminants can negatively impact the natural efficiency and potency of the cannabis, thus reducing the quality of the product.

Good quality packaging always keeps the contents safe during the shipment or delivery of the product. Whether buying cannabis flower products from a local drugstore or ordering online, never buy them if the packaging is torn or damaged. Ask for a return or exchange from the company and only buy perfectly packaged products.

Smell-Proof Packaging

Cannabis products have a distinctive and unique smell that often attracts nearby people. Considering customers’ preference for keeping the smell of the cannabis contained, many companies are now offering smell-proof cannabis packaging.

These smell-proof packaging options offer you the freedom to carry your cannabis joints, cigarettes, cones, or other similar products in public places without worrying about their smell.

Safety of the Children

If you have children at your home, you will prefer child-resistant cannabis packaging to keep them safe from accidentally getting in contact with cannabis. The packaging companies offer child-resistant packaging specially designed to protect the contents from children’s reach.

Furthermore, premium packaging companies test their child-resistant packaging options according to the rules and regulations devised by authorities before presenting them to the general public.

Cannabis Flower Moisture Retention Using Airtight Packaging

Airtight packaging is one of the market’s most beneficial cannabis flower packaging options. This packaging helps retain the natural moisture, freshness, and aroma of the cannabis flower. Airtight packaging offers maximum flavor, aroma, and hit of the cannabis flower every time you smoke or vape. Indeed, airtight packaging is essential to enjoy the best possible cannabis flavor.

Discretion and Convenience

Cannabis flower packaging has made it excessively convenient and hassle-free to travel with cannabis products. With various cannabis packaging options, you can properly hold and carry your cannabis joints, cones, cigarettes, or vape on the move. You can keep the small packaging boxes in the pocket of your bags without making their identity obvious.

Moreover, considering the customers’ feasibility and requirements, the packaging companies have started offering customized packaging options. These customized packagings allow customers to choose their preferred print, pattern, color, font, and final touches.

However, it is essential to go through various top cannabis flower packaging options before picking the right one per your requirements.

Wrapping Up

Cannabis Packaging Alternatives

And with that, we’re wrapping this informative blog up. Undoubtedly, cannabis flower packaging is essential to safeguard the natural freshness, aroma, and potency of cannabis.

My packaging introduced various packaging options to hold and carry around cannabis products. In addition to protecting the contents, customized packaging also reflects the personality of a brand or the customer.

Depending on personal preferences, you can get fun and vibrantly colored or subtle with elegantly printed cannabis flower packaging. Moreover, premium packaging companies ensure compliance with local and federal regulations and offer high-quality top cannabis flower packaging options.