Will Auto-Bottom Boxes With Zippers on Top Become the Next Concentrate Bottle Packaging Favorite?

auto-bottom boxes with zippers on top

Today I would like to introduce you to one of our new top zipper auto-bottom boxes.
This box is very suitable for concentrate jars, cosmetic bottles, and candle packaging.
The normal tuck end box requires you to manually assemble the top and bottom of the box, and if the weight of the object you are loading is heavy, you may also need to use tape or stickers to fix it.
Our improved top zipper auto-bottom boxes are a perfect solution to these problems. With our box, you do not need to assemble the bottom or use tape or stickers to fix it to prevent falling. It is also easier to assemble the top, you just need to tear off the double side tape pretaped, and seal the box.
When your customers receive them, they just need to tear along the zipper on the top and get the products easily. when finished, put back, they can also close it like a normal box.
What’s more, we have achieved a full machine to make this type of box, so that the cost is very similar to the ordinary two-tuck end box.

As a professional cannabis packaging factory, we, MY packaging, are not afraid of challenges and meet all kinds of challenges to satisfy each and every one of our valued customers.